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The Team Behind Your Retreat

Get to know the team that will be helping you along the way on your retreat. We have some of the very best in the business looking after you and helping you instil good habits.

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James Stark is a fitness expert who has been running retreats for over four years. He’s excited to be a part of the SF Retreat team and work with guests to help them instill good habits into their lives.

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“Quinny” a personal trainer who specializes in calisthenics, who loves seeing the day-to-day progress of his clients. Whether you’re looking to get stronger, more mobile, lose fat, or just feel better

Quinny believes that almost anyone can learn how to do things they never thought possible—and this is what he sets out to teach on the SF Retreat

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I decided to become a PT after going through my own personal journey, I became absorbed in the fitness world for multiple reasons. It was the transformation I saw not just in my physical body, but my mindset, my work ethos, my self-discipline, that had essentially translated from forming a positive relationship with myself in the gym environment. Now fast forward a few years, my focus is to deliver sessions & knowledge that provide not only brilliant physical results but also translate into the real world, to provide a better standard of living altogether. My job is not to tell you what shape to be but rather to make you feel powerful in your own! So, whether you’re looking to gain muscle or you’re looking to lose some body fat, or maybe you’re just wanting to learn how to move effectively, I will be able to provide you with a tailored program and I’ll be there to guide you through the entire process!

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The big friendly scotsman! Jack is well versed in the art of everything fitness, Jack will also be hosting some of the retreats where we know he’ll have the guests entertained.

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Emily brings a calmness to the team with a unbelievable set of yoga skills. Emily leads the morning flows and winds things down at the end of the evening with Yin Yoga.

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Sebastian will be the man cooking up a storm on some of the retreats. Sebastian has been working with the team to also understand the needs of the fitness community

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A message from our founder

“Welcome to SF Retreat where myself and my carefully curated team of fitness and wellbeing professionals have designed and built a retreat venue and experience like no other. While you are with us in Portugal, we will take you on a holistic journey encompassing a wide range of optional training itineraries covering HIIT, Yin Yoga and Strength Conditioning among many others. Plus there’s great food, great company, superior accommodation a convivial atmosphere and great leisure activities. We guarantee that after a few days with us in Portugal you will return fully reinvigorated, refreshed and raring to go!” James Stark

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