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Sat, January 4, 2020

I will do my best to explain this very unique experience, so here goes…

Chris Williams Retreat blog

Having made the decision to join the team on the very first retreat I will do my best to explain this very unique experience, so here goes…

Turning up to the airport for a fitness retreat is something that I never thought I would ever do. I knew a couple of the coaches that would be leading the team in Portugal and was very excited to see the plans that they had in store for us. The majority of the group I had never met prior to the airport and was a great chance to talk to people from many different backgrounds from a lawyer to a dancer and different age ranges to add some great conversations!

Landing in Portugal I didn’t know what to expect too much and the transfer again gave me a chance to talk to other guests and find my roomie for the week. We then arrived at what I can only explain as a dirt track that eventually led to the most beautiful setting in the Quinta, it was pitch black but still had a very calming feel to the whole place. We were given torches and I headed into my tepee to get ready for a very eventful week.

The week it’s self-started well with some great training and a really good introduction to yoga and meditation. The training program was great, and the team didn’t pressure you into training and were more than happy for you to do your own thing. This continued across the week allowing me to progress in my training.

Waking up every morning surrounded by nature, the river and a wonderful breakfast really did put the mind, body, and soul at rest.

To sum up the SF Retreat I would say that it really is the most perfect experience and the balance of training, food, yoga, downtime and most importantly fun and something that I will never forget.

For the people that are thinking about a retreat I say to you… try this and I can tell you for a fact that you will be back again and again just like me!