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Fri, December 6, 2019

I’d never been on a retreat before and wasn’t entirely sure what to expect;

My experience of the SF Retreat was a little different from everyone else’s, but still a fantastic one. I received a call one evening from Chris; one of the guys from SF Retreat and was offered the opportunity to head out to Portugal on the basis of job trial. I would head out to capture the visual content of the retreat to be used for the socials and website and to get a general feel for the company.

I’d never been on a retreat before and wasn’t entirely sure what to expect; except what I’d seen online and heard from friends and family. So I did a bit of research and obviously this being a great opportunity I packed my kit up and headed out to Portugal.

I mostly saw the retreat through the lens of my camera and I can honestly say it was not a bad view. Being nestled deep in the Portuguese countryside the retreat is a photographer’s dream. From breathtaking views of the valley, crystal clear night sky’s and candid moments to capture of the guests relaxing in various hammocks around the open-air bar and meadow or floating down the river on a kayak, canoe or paddleboard there was a lot of opportunities to get great content.

In the moments whilst both on and off the camera I managed to get involved within the day-to-day activities, whether that was tearing it through the local woods on mountain bikes, to jumping in on one of the training sessions or finishing the day with meditative yoga as the setting suns golden light bathed the open-air barn, the SF Retreat had a great range of activities to pick from.

Although there was a broad mix of people from different backgrounds there was a great feeling of camaraderie throughout the entire week, with everyone being enthusiastic about meeting new people and getting involved in all the activities. I think this really helped add to making it a great week.

A few days after returning home I can happily say I got a call from the guys at Starks fitness letting me know I’d landed the job. All in all I’d call it the job trial of dreams. Cheers guys.