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Wed, November 20, 2019


Indulging in a week of self-care, awesome training and meeting like-minded people in beautiful surroundings.

I headed out to Portugal on the SF Retreat early October and had no idea what to expect. To be honest, I nearly bailed on the week as my fiancé had to pull-out last-minute due to health. I wasn’t sure if I wanted to embark on the experience as a solo tourist while Laura stayed at home recovering from a minor operation. Laura knew I needed a break after a gruelling few months though, so I packed the bags.

Being passionate about training and following a healthy, mindful lifestyle, this was a perfect occasion for me to go ALL in. From day one I decided to push myself to new limits in training, take part in all the activities, connect with my fellow retreaters and enjoy the wholesome organic food. This was a great opportunity for me to switch off from work, leave my mobile in my room and go off-grid to recharge and connect with both people and nature.

Sometimes there’s nothing better for a new group of people to bond than a testing workout in the barn. Firstly, The Barn is an incredible purpose-built open gym with top-quality equipment to throw down all sorts of sessions. Secondly, the sessions varied from strength, fitness, callisthenics, stretching, yoga, boxing and testing circuits that were well structured, catered for all standards and inspired teamwork and bonding.

After sessions, we’d head to the social area for some post-workout shakes and enjoy the views over the valley. The training, food, seminars, activities, and downtime were perfectly scheduled throughout the day so we had enough time to recover, enjoy the food and experience some of the local cultures. One of our favourite trips was hiking up to the café for some delicious Pastel de nata, accompanied by a double espresso.

I can honestly say the retreat out-did all expectations in every area from the food to training to accommodation. Activities such as paddle boarding, cycling, and hiking, the memories, friendships, and camaraderie were all top-class and I’m very much looking forward to heading back next year.
The SF Retreat is certainly the new way to holiday.

Thank you to everyone who made the trip such a great experience.